Tunapatikana Sinza kwa Remmy

Tunapatikana Sinza kwa Remmy

Friday, March 30, 2012


 Hello,How U doing EveriBody...
my name is Diva Loveness Love AKA Mimi AKA Gissele Morales
Ala za Roho Host Cloudsfm/Tv, Executive Producer,Voice Artist,PR Manager, Best Female Radio Personality Award Winning Babkubwa Magazine And SFC ,Polite,shy,Alter Ego.Sasha Fierce and Hilarious Sometimes.
Iam a Very Unique individual ,I Have Personality that Catches Attention,I am very Versatile  when it comes to Fashion,I Love Fashion,Music,shopping,Laughing Hard,and ofcourse Posing infront of a camera lens.I'm Defined as a go getter and i wont give up Until I Reach My Goals,Ala za Roho is Just a Beggining of My Journey.Ala za Roho Is My Boyfriend,Im Married to My show,I Love it soo Much with all My Heart.I Have such a strong Passion For Radio and Tv and Cloudsfm Fulfill My Dreams,Massive thank U All,May God Bless U.
I BELIEVE IF U BELIEVE YOU WILL ACHIEVE  and Keeping God first will Make Possible, My Dreams is Going Back to school and have that Degree in Media Studies.Inshaallah i will fulfill My Dreams,its been a long time coming but i yet have not gave up.We all have Dreams and Aspirations of achieveing something but though the Road May be tough,Be strong and do not give Up, for in Do season your work will be rewarded.I'm a firm believer in God and i keep him first,I'm letting him Guide me along this Journey so therefore success and favor will follow me to the top.
Tanzanian  Insipiration to me always Captain G Habash from Zero to Hero,Ruge Mutahaba as a Leader,Joseph Kussaga as a Good Hearted Boss-I honor You,Salama Jabir as My Mirrow,My Role Model- I salute u,zitto zuberi Kabwe as a Confident Man in Politics And a Dreamer.Amina chifupa As My Dream .... Rest in Peace.love u always.
Last but not least Massive Thanks To My fans................U Guys Mean the World to Me,U guys are My Everythng,I Love yall Much,Throwing Kisses.
Team Diva And TeamMakorokocho for Life


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